Skiing in Egypt

15 Sep

Skiing in North Africa. Sounds a bit strange you must think. To be more specific, skiing in Egypt is going to be so much fun, but how? You are thinking, am I going to be skiing down the Giza Pyramid? Although that would be one exotic ski experience, it is doubtful that it would happen, at least in the coming future. But skiing in Egypt is going to be possible, we will tell you how in just about a minute.

Egypt is not this overly mountainous region, the only mountains that pile up are those of sand in the desert, although practiced, sand skiing does not do the trick for us here, we want pure white and cold snow. Think deeper, there are the Jabal Katherina mountain series on the Sinai peninsula, but is the weather ever cooler than 25 degrees there? Well , apparently not enough to make it snow!

So how will one ski in Egypt? Well you see, there is talk of this new huge center to be built, a center very much like Ski Dubai, featuring a mall, and an artificial ski slope arena. Thats right! You can now ski after you’ve been tanning on Sharam El Sheikh’s beaches, or sipping on a cold drink in Cairo, its just a drive away to a cold mountainous region fit for rocketing down on your skis and showing off your skill!

Skiing in Dubai

Dubai indoors ski slopes

Indoor ski slopes have been around for about 15 years now, giving tropical climate, and hot countries a chance to enjoy a winter sport without having to take the next plane. Egypt is about to introduce its own, and you can then make a choice between sand skiing, or snow skiing.


Egypt’s climate normally gives out warm and hot days and paradoxically cool nights. Egypt goes through two long seasons throughout a year, a mild November to April winter, and a hot May to October summer. Temperatures range between a minimum of 14° C in winter and a maximum of 30° C in summer in the coastal areas.

The inland desert areas have variable temperature, in summers ranging from 7° C at night time to 43° C during the day. Temperature in the desert face less fluctuations in winter, reaching 0° C at night and 18° C during the day.

In northern Egypt’s Alexandria, cool temperatures have made it a great tourist attraction, whereas the Delta and Nile Valley face occasional cold winters accompanied by light frost and snow.

The pyramids of Egypt

The pyramids of Egypt

The hot spring winds are quite famous when it comes to Egypt’s climate, known as the Khamsin to the locals, and sirocco to the Europeans. The hot winds normally strike sometime between March to May. Forming in Isthmus of Suez, the winds sweep through to the Northern coast of Africa, unaffected by geographical features, the winds gain velocity and travel at great speed carrying loads of sand and desert dust.

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