Skiing in Cyprus

Skiing in Cyprus first appeared a little after WWII. Skiing down Mount Olympus is a fantastic way to spend your winter days on an island, where you may end up taking a dip in the waters at by afternoon!

Cypriots and lots of tourists ski down Mt. Olympus, with its 60+ years of existence, and growing strong.

Snowboarding in Cyprus

Snowboarding in Cyprus

Troodos resort has 4 ski lifts to offer with a high reaching lift getting to the highest point of the island at 1951 meters in altitude (6400 feet). 2 lifts serve beginners, and the other two serve intermediate and advanced skiers respectively.


The Troodos Resort contains two hotels for your comfort and accomodation. Both hotels are about 2Km away from the resort. There are many hotels in the metropolitan area as well, especially in Platres village, on the way from Limassol to Troodos resort. Kakopetria also has a concentrated number of hotels, the village is on the way from Nicossia to Troodos, 20 minutes away from the resort.


At Troodos resort’s Cyprus Ski Club ”ski shop”, the policy is first come first served, and it is better to be there early since all the good and new equipment gets rented fast.


For more information on the Troodos Ski Resort, kindly visit our Cypriot winter portal: Ski Cyprus