Skiing in Lebanon

Mountains of Lebanon reach 3080m in altitude, when covered with snow, skiing is simply ideal on them, which is why many tourists book places in advance to be part of this crazy winter experience.

Lebanon has no problem with distances, as a starter it is just 2 or 3 hours away from the gulf countries, and transportation from one place to another takes a maximum of an hour and a half or two. The country has 6 ski resorts, all infused with great snow and beauty, however Mzaar (renamed from Faray) and Cedars are two resorts that rank first class, due to their state of the art infrastructure, and gorgeous views.

Skiing season extends for 4 months starting late December, and all winter sports including skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing are practiced.

Mzaar Kfardebian Ski Resort

With 80Km of ski tracks at the Mzaar Resort, along with the resort’s 1850m base reaching as high as 2465m in altitude, the resort is a place to discover within two three days, until you explore all its slopes. Sometimes, it is better to hire a guide if you are a professional skiier, in order to have access to the thr secret slopes.

As you reach the highest peaks, Mzaar Resort shows you a broken compass of scenic views all around. You may even see the Mediterranean and coastal cities if the weather allows it. This is one of the underlying reasons why many people strive to become great skiers, it gets them to the top!

With its 42 slopes, the Mzaar Resort offers suitable skiing and learning areas for all sorts of ski levels. After skiing activities may include sightseeing to Kfardebian and seeing its naturally formed bridge from erosion, the Phoenician temple, or the Roman tower. At night the towns of Faraya and Mzaar come to life with all the night flurry, getting highly crowded on weekends.

The Cedars Ski Resort

Due to its height of 2000m in altitude, the Cedars ski resort has a longer skiing season than other resorts in Lebanon, often beginning in November and ending late April. It is a place filled with awe-inspiring views you can enjoy, while rocketing down the slopes, and cross-country skiing is impervious in the region, due to the numerous plateaus offered.

The Cedars ski resort is ideal for a vacation, seeing that after skiing, you may visit the Cedars forest reserve of 450 ancient trees with history’s stories to tell you, as well as the famous Lebanese poet Gebran Khalil Gebran museum, the beautiful friendly Bcharry town, and the Qadisha valley’s dispersed monasteries.

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